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Prior to founding Studio63, Mr. Vineet Modi brought his creative expertise to Vogue Magazine in Mumbai, where he made significant contributions to the dynamic world of fashion.

Renowned for his exceptional skills, he transitioned into the realm of Bollywood as the official photographer for acclaimed films such as “Lunchbox,” “Byomkesh Bakshi,” and notable projects like MTV Coke Studio and Roadies.

His lens not only captured the glamour of the entertainment industry but also became a storyteller in its own right.

Now, as the driving force behind Studio63, Mr. Modi continues to weave his artistic vision, offering a unique blend of fashion, film, and storytelling.


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Photography Agency Defined by Creativity and Precision


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Our studio is equipped with latest photography equipment, advanced lighting, and premium backgrounds to ensure the best quality images.


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With over 15+ years in the field & over 1000+ satisfied customers, our team, led by Vineet Modi, understands the nuances of photography better than anyone else.


Quality Assurance

At Studio63, we guarantee the highest quality in every shot, ensuring your images are crafted with precision, excellence, and unwavering attention to detail.

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